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Key Services Offered :

  • Electrical and electronics engineering
  • Appropriate technology
  • Renewable and alternative energy
  • Electrical power generation
  • Electrical installation


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Power & Energy

Our solutions in renewable energy have enhanced for reliable power for institutions and industries.


We are leading experts in engineering for projects designs, electronics servicing and maintenance.

Construction & Building

Our structural and civil engineering department ensures that we rank high in our building and construction standards.


Our auto manufacturing department provides us with the 21st century electric car production besides automotive general servicing works.


We have all the essential equipment and tools to enable us attain the world class works in engineering and technology.

Instrumentation –

Our team of the leading experts enable us tackle the most precision needed systems calibration and and analysis.

 Access To our Various Departments

Electronics Parts Supply

We design electronics products casing as well as doing manufacturing finishes on products and machineries.

Alternative Energy

Our multiple small scale power generation lowers the cost of supply. We help in substituting power from national grid for factories and institutions.

Auto Technology

Automotive servicing besides other mechanical work has helped us develop electric car production channels We help in solving the global crisis of over dependence on fossil fuels and its associated fuel sources .

Building & Construction

We major in our products pipeline production as well as getting contracted by other associate companies.

Electronics Repair & Maintenance

we do printed circuit boards designs and source high quality electronics parts .

Industrial electronics Services

Our multiple small scale power generation lowers the cost of supply. We help in substituting power from national grid for factories and institutions.

Question & Answer

Do you sell electronics parts?

We do stock the hard to find electronics parts; items like igbts, thyristors, ics etc. we also design and produce etched pcbs for our clients.

Do you do repair and maintenance?

We do servicing work only on industrial machines and plants. we also redesign driver circuits as well as the mechanical drive units.

Do you handle structural engineering?

We have an active department that handles structural engineering which at times entails building and construction works.

Do you do vehicle repairs?

Apart from alternative fuels conversions and efficiency enhancements, we do not do auto repairs.

What is your absolute liability?

We do not admit liability on the change of the machinery original state, unforeseen malfunctions and wear.

Latest News about our Industry

Gas Conversions

Hydrogen car conversions as well as natural car conversions are widely sough solutions word wide.We are competitively priced having best modules available in the market.

Alternative Energy

You can cut your energy expenses monthly in your institution through the alternative energy installation. we install and manage all your your future energy bills as we maintain our installations .

Electric Automotive

In the near future, all vehicles seems to go electric since this energy is pollution free and doesn’t empty your pocket the way the current options does.

Pcb Production

We manufacture printed circuit boards for your big project despite of the number of units you need we have reduced your waiting time to a maximum of 30days.

Circuits Designs

In some cases, you might need a partner in design and simulation of your electronics project design including the programmable ones. we are here to help you out.


We are inventors; experts in the new technology in power, telecommunication, transport modules, housing and many others.